5 WhatsApp secrets you don’t know!!

Whatsapp is a free messaging app in Android and some other Smartphone’s. We all are familiar with whatsapp, how to use whatsapp features like send message to one person, send message in group, voice call, video call and voice notes, send images, videos, gif images, smiles and documents, updating status,etc. But whatsapp have some interesting... Continue Reading →


Don’t wait for eye donors,lets give the gift of vision

Bionic Eye is visual prosthesis device to restore the vision functional those suffering from partial or complete blindness. It is an electronic retinal implant. It is also called as Argus retinal prosthesis. This Bionic eye specifically designed and manufactured for people who has suffered with retinitis pigmentosa disease. This disease damages light sensitive cells in... Continue Reading →

Portrait Lighting and its techniques

Portrait Lighting and its techniques   Portrait lighting the word, we all heard about this recently. Yes, Portrait lighting is the new camera feature in Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  It makes easier to take the photos professional without any additional software. What is Portrait lighting?       Portrait lighting is the camera feature in... Continue Reading →

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