How live location sharing works in Facebook-owned messaging service

        WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging service has recently introduced new live location sharing feature. The Facebook-owned messaging service started to roll out this live location sharing feature across the globe. The Facebook-owned messaging service already gives you the option to share the current location to other users, but that’s a static, one... Continue Reading →


The secret behind wireless/air power charging

          The technology air power charging is also called wireless charging. The air power charging happens via electromagnetic field created by a charging pad. This can either be resting on top of a surface or actually built into the surface itself. Electric power is transmitted through an electromagnetic field from the... Continue Reading →

Visualize your good health

Our body is much more than our weight. So our scale should provide lots more information than pounds. The artificial intelligence scale provides a holistic view of our body is performing at any time. AI smart scale can monitor vital stats of our body like weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle mass, Body fat percentage, Bone density,... Continue Reading →

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