The secret behind wireless/air power charging

          The technology air power charging is also called wireless charging. The air power charging happens via electromagnetic field created by a charging pad. This can either be resting on top of a surface or actually built into the surface itself. Electric power is transmitted through an electromagnetic field from the charging pad to the device. The device has own feature of the receiver coil attached to the battery that picks the magnetic field.

wireless charging2


Which devices will have wireless charging:

                There are multiple wireless charging devices available, but some of the devices use this wireless charging like new Apple iPhone 8, iPhone X, Apple watch, Air pod, Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge,S7 Active, S8, Moto Z2 play Smartphones, Notebooks, Tablets, Power tools, Electric toys, Multicopters, medical devices, etc.



Standard Wireless charging:

                There are tons of wireless charging options out there in the world. But some of the standard options are good to use. Some of the standard wireless charging options are

  • Qi
  • Air Power
  • Mophie
  • Belkin Scosche MagicMount
  • Anker
  • iOttie easy one touch

Wireless charging is generally useful for low power applications. It supports small consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, handheld devices, some computers. This wireless charging is slower charging due to the low efficiency, devices take more to charge. It has more cost of manufacturing. Wireless charging is inconvenience compared to wired connected device. Because the devices can’t move around or easily operated while charging. Device wireless charging happens only the device must left on the wireless charging pad.


                Wireless charging has useful advantages like no need for cables, high reliability,  low risk of electrical fault. But still hasn’t become important technology. Perhaps some of the improvements and new product ideas, that are in development will make wireless charging as a major technology for electronic devices.


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