Visualize your good health

Our body is much more than our weight. So our scale should provide lots more information than pounds. The artificial intelligence scale provides a holistic view of our body is performing at any time. AI smart scale can monitor vital stats of our body like weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle mass, Body fat percentage, Bone density, visceral fat, protein, body water.

How it works?

                AI smart scale connect wirelessly to the Smartphone, tablet or computer. When someone stands on the scale, the sensors on either side activate a picture of nine different measurements that it scans for. The AI algorithms are applied to find the details of the user’s body.

             AI smart scale more useful to find overall health of a person. Throughout the day adore takes good care of people and it determines how much water we need to drink in a day, how to improve our bone density, how many calories burn while sleeping, etc

                Finally the user will get personal health score (0-100) with a demographic grade view (A-F).This scale combines your goals and profile into a series of easy steps to follow-up. Also it will help training plans, review progress, precise health tips after each measurement on a daily basis.


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