Visualize your good health

Our body is much more than our weight. So our scale should provide lots more information than pounds. The artificial intelligence scale provides a holistic view of our body is performing at any time. AI smart scale can monitor vital stats of our body like weight, BMI, BMR, Muscle mass, Body fat percentage, Bone density,... Continue Reading →

5 WhatsApp secrets you don’t know!!

Whatsapp is a free messaging app in Android and some other Smartphone’s. We all are familiar with whatsapp, how to use whatsapp features like send message to one person, send message in group, voice call, video call and voice notes, send images, videos, gif images, smiles and documents, updating status,etc. But whatsapp have some interesting... Continue Reading →

Portrait Lighting and its techniques

Portrait Lighting and its techniques   Portrait lighting the word, we all heard about this recently. Yes, Portrait lighting is the new camera feature in Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X.  It makes easier to take the photos professional without any additional software. What is Portrait lighting?       Portrait lighting is the camera feature in... Continue Reading →

Why should I pay for software?

I guess I have come full circle.                Yesterday, we were frustrated with the roundabout un-useful ways of QuickBooks, and after many unresolved customer support calls later, we realized that we were riding on the wrong product. Am more convinced than ever that the 'gyan' Tally has built about... Continue Reading →

Real Estate is Doing Great with Digital Marketing

Real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and globally recognised sectors in India. Indian real estate sector have shown tremendous growth in both commercial and residential segments. Internet is one of the important factors which are influencing buying decisions.Real estate sector is one of the fastest growing and globally recognised sectors in India.... Continue Reading →

Factors That Drive The Real Estate Market

Real estate represents a significant portion of most people's wealth, and this is especially true for many homeowners in Chennai. The city has gained momentum with increasing number of people showcasing their interest to invest in residential and commercial properties. There are many reasons that have led to the demand of residential property in Chennai.... Continue Reading →

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